Behind every successful business is a group of hardworking people who strive to maintain the quality of the company. For a further understanding of how can efficiently function, the skills and expertise of its leaders are as follows:

Sanjay Kanojia – CEO and Co-Founder

Nearing a decades’ worth of experience in the field of Human Resources (HR), Mr. Kanojia is more than qualified to run a company that is centered on analyzing the skillset and experiences of several candidates. Fueled by his desire to establish a connection between skilled yet underexposed workers and hiring companies, came into life.

He graduated from Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University with a degree in MBA, Human Resource. Showcasing impressive leadership skills, Mr. Kanojia shall lead his team to success.


Kamal Verma – Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

A result-oriented professional with years of experience to show, Mr. Verma manages the IT sector of the company, allowing for the sector to be filled with equally diligent and skilled workers.

As a person with an adept understanding of the responsibilities that come with his position, Mr. Verma is sure to manage the digital field of efficiently.


Neetu Kanojia – Director of Operations

An expert in the field of Human Resources, Mrs. Kanojia's skillset is critical to ensure the quality and consistency of the service that Rekrutify offers. Her strengths lie in identifying the most prominent strengths and abilities of a person, allowing him to recommend the perfect job position properly.

Having worked as a Recruitment Specialist for 9+years with well-known companies, she has built up a trustworthy reputation. Backed up by her Master's degree in Human Resources, Mrs. Kanojia is an important factor to maintain the company’s success.